Too $hort & DJ Quik at the Observatory OC

It’s become sort of the norm to see DJ Quik at The Observatory OC these days. Seems like every 4 to 5 months we welcome him back for another sold-out show- and that is just it, Quik sells out shows regardless of how often, or how recently he has been at the venue before.

People are always looking for a good time and are ready and willing to “pitch in on a party” for the cause, and well, Quik is just the right man for the job. This time things were slightly different though.

We have become used to seeing Quik hit the stage with all the L.A. classic acts in the game before, but this past Friday night the bay area vet Too $hort was the one to share the stage with the well respected rapper/producer. You can already imagine how that went down.

The venue was completely packed- a lot of the 80’s babies filled the building and the ladies were draped in their best eye-grasping outfits, as they always do at a Quik and Too $hort show.


Short Dawg hit the stage first and to much of our surprise the usual entourage on stage mostly consisted of fellas. I mean, he had a few up there, but not as we are used to seeing. Usually, Too $hort is that one rapper that has the stage full of female fans trying to get their 15-minutes of fame as they try and impress with their moves in hopes of being pulled out the bunch onto the forefront (And y’all know I’m just being real on that one).

The bay area native performed all the hits and classics including “I’m a Player”, “Gettin’ It”, “Shake That Monkey”, “Blow the Whistle”, “The Ghetto”, “Don’t Fight the Feeling”, and the list goes on. He had the whole spot bouncing!


DJ Quik hit the stage shortly after Too $hort was done warming up the crowd. He didn’t have his band with him this time, which was neat in my opinion; I personally prefer Quik performances accompanied by his DJ rather than the band . It just gives you that same sound we are familiar to hearing when we bump it out of our speakers. With a live band sometimes the sound and feeling are distorted.

There was a point in which Quik said “I came out here tonight without my band ’cause I know y’all be hating that shit!”– I wouldn’t say hate but we can definitely do without it sometimes.


DJ Quik did his own thing for a few tracks and then proceeded to bring out his comrade Suga Free. The crowd went ballistic as always, because a Quik show ain’t really a Quik show without this pimp’s presence.

Together they did all those west coast bangers like “Inside out”, “Why U Bullshittin”, “Do I Love Her”, and well you pretty much know the rest. The highlight to me was him performing “Let’s Get Down” featuring Tony! Toni! Tone!, simply because I love that collab and the track serves for sexy groovin’ (I know my ladies gotta feel me on that one).


Quik was in his groove all through out his set. He danced, drank, interacted with the crowd- he was having a little party of his own on that stage.


There was a moment in which he stopped and looked up and mentioned “The Observatory OC has the best stage lights”, sort of a random comment but he ain’t lying. You could tell he was really enjoying himself perform to the crowd and in his zone, seemed like he felt right at home, as he should with the way OC supports his each and every event.

Quik and Too $hort brought another sold-out event to the Observatory OC and once again did not disappoint.

See y’all at the next one!

Stace Fresh


All Photos By: Sean Sapigao

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