The Roots Set Off The New Year at The Observatory OC

2015- Out with the old, in with the new. But we took it back to the roots with this one.

The Roots kicked off the first night of the new year with a phenomenal live performance at The Observatory in Santa Ana (CA). This Grammy award winning band should not need introduction, so we will skip all the unnecessary words, and keep it to a brief minimum.

The Legendary Roots Crew sold-out this event and brought an epic performance. The music admirers present consisted of all backgrounds, creed, and color. They were the epitome as to what we can say The Root’s sound is- diverse.

The Roots is a well-known band amongst the hip hop culture and genre for the incorporation of rap through it’s leading emcee, Black Thought. But aside from holding down serious acclaim in hip hop, this band has earned it’s respect among other musical genres and listeners outside of this culture. The fusion of Rap, Jazz, Soul, and a bit of Rock, I dare to say, have made this band one of a kind. And from the jump, it was plain to see, this was about to be a one of a kind type of performance.

All 8 members of the band owned the Observatory stage to a T. Black Thought along with the band performed some of the crew’s best known songs such as- “Don’t Say Nuthin”, “Hang On In there”, “Shine”, “Wake Up Everybody”, “Star”, and the famous hip hop classics “You Got Me”, and “What They Do”. Emcee Dice Raw made a surprise appearance along with the crew to join them for a few cuts off the Undun album.

The whole point of attending a artist’s show is to have that live experience and sing-along to your favorite songs. However, this went far beyond that. The Roots consists of amazingly talented musicians on the instruments that the raps are just an extra bonus really.

With Questlove on the drums, Kamal Gray on the electronic keyboard, F. Knuckles on percussion, Captain Kirk Douglas on electric guitar, Tuba Gooding, Jr. on the sousaphone, Mark Kelley on bass guitar, and James Poyser also on the electronic keyboard- this show was brought to top musical bliss. The passion was more than evident.

Aside from the live instrumentation, there’s another artist who single handedly stole the show for a good 15-20 minutes as the Roots took a brief rest. Jeremy Ellis took the stage for a solo MPC performance and it was amazing!

Now, I don’t know how familiar some of you reading might be with knowledge of what an MPC is, but if you know hip hop then you know the meaning of the work done on an MPC within the culture. Jeremy Ellis hit us with an eclectic display of his skills. It all sounded like a fusion of electronic and hip hop music combined. Everyone was in awe, and cheered him on as he did his thing.

The end to this show was memorable, Black Thought thanked the crowd, introduced each and every member who played, and gave their farewell by continuing to play the instruments until Questlove threw his drumsticks into the crowd and the band slowly began to exit the stage.

The crowd cheered for an encore, and no one moved from their place for a few minutes expecting the crew to come back on stage in response to their pleads. However, it did not happen. I’m sure they would have done so had the venue not had a booking in the same room within an hour after The Roots performance. Curfew was strict due to the event, and we can’t hold The Roots accountable for ignoring the fans.

At the end of the night it didn’t matter though. The Roots put on a phenomenal performance, beyond expectation, and left everyone in the venue satisfied.

This was truly a great start to our first show night of 2015.
All of the Out Da House Productions family thanks each and everyone of you reading this and those who attended for continuing to rock with us.

HAPPY NEW YEAR– And We Don’t Stop!
Stace Fresh

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