The Game Reminds Us Why He Still Is the Latest Representation Of the West Coast

In 2005 the most prominent figure in gangster rap since Dre and Snoop, stepped foot out the Compton streets into the music industry. Being fortunate enough to catch the attention of Dr. Dre, he was signed under the Aftermath/Interscope imprint and brought forth a classic debut album titled The Documentary. And although the Compton rapper has musically strayed far from his gang-banging and hood struggle storytelling days, this past Sunday night he reminded us why he’s still deserving of the West Coast’s crown despite recent newcomers. Out Da House productions in conjuction with The Observatory OC welcomed back The Game to the Observatory venue since his 2011 performance there alongside Too $hort. The Game who’s managed to stay relevant by all means in an evolving music industry of new faces and sound, had the entire building feeling nostalgic and highly lit up over the memory of the early two-thous. The entire bottom floor was filled with bodies, the sky boxes and balcony too. A few of our local talents hit the stage and delivered proper and DJ Cali was in the mix keeping fans excited for what was in store later on. In the midst of everyone enjoying themselves to the sounds of the DJ, anticipating the moment when The Game hit the stage, it was a little past 11pm when the room dimmed down and they stage eluded a red haze- it was GAME TIME! All you heard was the motor of a running chainsaw, at that moment I already knew what was about to occur. The Game stepped on stage in a red hoodie, chainsaw on one hand, mic in the other like “the black Marshall Mathers”. It was a grand entrance as he performed “Bigger Than Me”- the diss track paying homage to the greats and jabbing at all the new comers stepping foot in the rap game. ‘Ying-Ying-Ying on a motherf*****!’. The Game gave fans an amazing show and with an impressive 9-year career and 5 album catalog under his belt, he managed to keep us content by performing his best work. Alot of latinos were present in the building that night, and since the begining of his career Game has always shown the latinos much love and we’ve shown it right back, that night was no exception and he gave a huge shout out to us as he brought YBE to the stage with him and they both downed full bottles of Ciroc to DJ Mustard’s “Vato” track. I’d say that moment was definately a highlight of the night. But what really had everyone excited was everytime he kicked a track off 2005’s The Documentary. I, along with just about everyone in that room, found myself reciting along word for word to tracks like “Westside Story”, “Hate It or Love It”, “How We Do”, “Dreams”, and my personal favorites “Start From Scratch” and “No More Fun and Games”. Performing just about every relevant track off that album the crowds reaction really put into perspective how influential and timeless The Documentary really is. The Game proceeded to mention during his performance that he doesn’t care who has stepped foot into the rap game and taken the West Coast throne and been crowned king- “ain’t nobody out did The Documentary first week sales… I did that! The Documentary remains a gangsta- west coast classic.” Hmmm, sounds like a lowkey jab at Kendrick, wouldn’t you say? So it got me to thinking, when you think about west coast rap, what is it you think about- how would you describe it? Personally, when I think about the west coast I think Dre, Snoop, Cube, Pac, Quik- I think g-funk or straight gangster s*** from the beat to the content in lyrics. That to me is the ultimate representation of the west coast rap. Gangsta rap is the west coast. It’s a standard sound that was set for about two decades and I couldn’t agree more with the fact that there hasn’t been a proper wide-scale successful mainstream representation of the west coast since The Documentary. And although I believe Game has somewhat “fell off” since then, I’m making reason out of his statement and I can not take that away from him- The Documentary was and still is a classic and there hasn’t been a hard dropping full length album since then, representing for both gangsta rap and the west coast like this album did. All these new comers ranging from YG to the TDE crew are setting a new standard in sound for future generations, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but that time marking, classic sound, and content is definitely missed. With that I conclude that Game mentioned he’s working hard to deliver another west coast classic up to par to his 2005 debut. The Documentary 2 drops 2015 on the ten year anniversary of the classic debut album- be on the look out! –Stace Fresh cocktail dresses online,christian louboutin outletuk,polo ralph lauren italia online,louis vuitton sale,michael kors sale

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