SLICK RICK at the Constellation Room (Observatory OC)

Slick Rick ‘The Ruler’ has embarked in the Great Adventures of Slick Rick: 25th Anniversary Tour and Out Da House Productions along with the Observatory in OC were more than honored to bring the living legend to Orange County on the stretch of this tour.

The Constellation Room (within the Observatory OC) packed at full room capacity. From oldschool heads to the young hip hop aficionados, it was a big deal to have one of the most prolific and pioneering storytellers in the rap game in our city.

The entire night proceeded in proper manner. Hip Hop was felt from the stage to each corner in the room with the deejay scratching away on the wheels of steel, holding down a playlist that consisted of nothing but pure golden era hitters.

The Ruler stepped on stage in smooth demeanor, as only he knows how- neck, wrist, and mic blinged out. The 49 year old emcee, had the crowd stuck in a time capsule as he took us back to ‘88.

He performed the classic The Great Adventures of Slick Rick in just about all of it’s entirety.

From “Mona Lisa” to “Children’s Story”, uncle Ricky had the crowd going. He also performed other tracks that are just as worthy of praise as the classics, such as the OutKast assisted track “Streets Talkin” and the Warren G produced and featured remix of “Behind Bars”.

The nights’ highlight moments came with the performance of “Hey Young World” and “Teenage Love” in which he ended the song with a little speech for the youth from the root of wisdom on the importance of committed relationships. But perhaps the most hip hop felt moment was when The Ruler spit “La Di Da Di” while DJ Kaos stepped out from behind his deejay set and assisted with his beatboxing skills.

At this point, everyone was rapping along and when that the singing hook on the song came around it was the sole voices of the ladies who were heard… “It’s all because of you, I’m feeling sad and blue…”. Oh, and of course let’s not forget the moment right before closing out the night with “Children’s Story” in which uncle Ricky lost the black locs for the famous eye patch and had his wife place the huge “Scales of Justice” medallion around his neck.

Although it was evident at times that age has caught up to the Ruler, Slick Rick gave an overall outstanding performance as he mastered being the rapper and his own hype man on that stage so exquisitely.

Special thank you to Slick Rick for bringing forth a great show, and from all of us at Out Da House Productions- Happy 25th Anniversary to a timeless classic.

Long Live The Ruler.

-Stace Fresh


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