QUIK’s GROOVE at the Observatory OC


This past weekend Out Da House Productions, in conjuction with The Observatory, had the honor of bringing DJ Quik back to OC with Quik’s Groove, for another classic event.

Quik’s Groove brought an exquisite performance roster which consisted of WC, Hi-C, Kurupt and Suga Free. Along came a few special guests as well such Tash (of the Alkaholiks), and Mistah F.A.B., among countless others.

The entire night was filled with nothing but heat. It would take pages to detail the night out from beginning to end, therefore let me outline the highlights.

The main event started off with DJ Quik entering the stage by his lonesome, just him and his DJ on a empty stage that sported nothing but two dj sets and a microphone stand. Shortly following Quik broke into “Let’s Get Down”, as you can imagine it set the mood off right and the audience was grooving to the sound.

About three solo tracks deep, Hi-C joined Quik on-stage performing “Let Me Know”, and best believe everyone got their ‘a** up off the wall’. Slowly the empty stage began to fill up with a posse so deep; it began to turn into a family affair with about properly, prepping the audience with that G’d-up appeal before Kurupt Young Gotti hit the stage. WC performed cuts like “The Streets”, and “Gangsta Nation”, but the excitement was felt when he did that infamous C-walk to “Connected For Life”, famed at the ‘Up In Smoke Tour’ (you know the one that ends with him hopping to the side with dubs up).

Kurupt of the DPGC performed the best of his features to the DJ who spun “Next Episode” and “Ain’t No Fun”, but when “Who Ride Wit Us” came on the crowd went crazy, swinging hands up and down.

Suga Free ran onto the stage at the most unexpected moment. The moment all had been waiting for. He held his flossy 5 foot cane in one hand and quickly knelt down at front stage putting hands in prayer position. “Our Father, who art in Heaven Quik gave me a beat, now Pomona’s on the set…” and when that Quik beat dropped it was a wrap!

“Get yo’ money, why you bull********”, everyone chanted along. The dynamic duo gave yet another phenomenal performance with fan favorites “I’d Rather Give You My B****”, “Do I Love Her?”, “Down, Down, Down”, and “Don’t Fight Da Pimpin”. There isn’t anything like having DJ Quik and Suga Free on the same stage. Individually both artists are a force all on their own but such a unique and highly fused energy is created when they come together.

If you recall, only a few months ago a similar Quik show was held at the Observatory OC. Although that show did not disappoint, I must say, Quik’s Groove topped the previous event. Not straying too far performance wise, this show differed in the sense that it was conducted by a DJ as opposed to Quik’s live band, bringing the music to us in the way we are used to hearing it. For those who experienced both performances, I think we can agree that the dj brings a more upbeat and clear sound.

Quik’s Groove undoubtedly added to another classic event on the Out Da House and The Observatory OC show catalog.

-Stace Fresh