PNB Rock Brings the Trap Star Tour to Santa Ana

PNB Rock

PNB Rock may be a Trap Star Turned Pop Star but his shows had the feel of a trap show. This show hosted at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana highlighted an eclectic mix of hip hop, trap pop, and trap artists of all calibers.

Ayeaux tha Gawd, a local favorite, was the first to hit the stage. His vibrant rhyming scheme and dark and daunting beats with subtle minor melodies caught the crowd out of nowhere. Ayeaux’s stage presence was one of the most notable of the night as he jumped around the entire stage during his whole set. Ayeaux was able to work the crowd and was the perfect start for the show; definitely not the last we will see of Ayeaux.

CamoFern came up on stage and was a perfect follow up to Ayeux, the absolute Yang to Ayeaux’s Yin. CamoFern performed laid back summer time trap pop set closing out the book end of summer. His music can be described as a chilled out party with only the baddest in attendance. CamoFern was fittingly decked out in all Camo and worked the crowd getting them to move along definitively getting new fans in the process.

RTG followed up with hard hitting trap anthems. Their songs were heavy with hi-hats and rumbling kicks that shook the entire room. RTG’s stage presence had the crowd rocking the entire set. High energy set coupled with the crowd wanting to get lit culminated into an intense performance.

Everyone was hyped up to see PNB Rock perform after all of the openers. Don’t let the name of his tour fool you though; this pop star stays true to his trap roots. PNB came onto a stage lit up by phone flashes and a rowdy crowd.

PNB Rock

PNB Rock at the Constellation Room by Mario Chavez


The jam packed Constellation Room was up in smoke the entire set as PNB vibed with everyone in the crowd. Even with multiple cameras pointed directly at PNB, he was able to reach every individual in the venue with his high intensity proving that this Trap Star Turned Pop Star is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.



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