Out Da House & Observatory OC present: BTNH & E-40

The Observatory OC in conjunction with Out Da House Productions brought quite an interesting dual performance consisting of Bay Area’s E-40 and the Midwest’s Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

The night began with a showcase of local talents and DJ Cali holding down the crowd with a diverse set of tracks catering to the liking of both headlining artists core fans.

Now when I say this event was “interesting” I mean it in the most respectful manner to the artist involved yet perplexed in the choosing of both of these acts in the same place, same night, performing back-to-back.

E-40 is one of those few artists that have withstood the longevity of time. You can be in your late 30s recalling the first time you heard the bay area rapper’s “Captain Save A Hoe” on the radio or you can be in your mid 20s recalling the school dances in the middle school cafeteria trying to shake them dreads you didn’t even have, to “Tell Me When To Go”.

Either way it is safe to say no matter the age range, you are familiar with who this man is and because of this factor E-40 attracted a lot of new generation listeners which were set and ready to “turn up”.

E-40 stepped in with great energy. His fans scattered across the venue and you could see the areas in which support for the bay area pioneer/entrepreneur ran deep by the physical response to the music.

He performed just about every radio hit on his catalog “Tell Me When To Go”, “White Girl”, “Yay Area”, “U and Dat”, “My S*** Bang”, and of course the most fan acclaimed party anthem “Function”. You already know the crowd went crazy off that alone.


Personally, being familiar with all those tracks and being stereotypically bracketed into the age range for which it would be understandable that these might have been the highlights of my night, I sincerely have to say that the best part came when he took it back to ’95 with “Sprinkle Me”.

“Where the oldschool at?!” and the crowd went into a uproar, that alone made you realize who was really in attendance that night. Those same voices that raised level to that question were the same people there to solely see none other than Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is another set of artists that have managed to stand the test of time, doing so without having to generate new sounds to appeal to the new taste makers. BTNH has headlined the Observatory stage about 4 times within the last year, each and every event being a sold out show.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s extensive catalog ranging from Ruthless days in ’95 to 2000s BTNHResurrection is enough to bring enough fans out to fill the entire venue. BTNH has one of the most loyal fan-bases, and it was once again proven.

All 5 original members (Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish, Flesh) stepped on stage backed up by a live-band. “1st of the month” had just about everyone in the venue with hands up and singing. No different from previous BTNH shows, other than the live band, all five members came together to perform Creepin on ah Come Up and E. 1999 Eternal. They conducted their usual tribute to 2pac, Biggie, and Eazy-E- each and every time this being the main highlight of the night.”Weed Song” had people sparking up and easing on down right before closing out with “Tha Crossroads”.

Their energy was impeccable as always, delivering a quality performance from beginning to end.  (shout out to Bizzy Bone who always comes correct and remains to be one of the crowds most beloved harmonizers within the group)

Now, back to my “interesting” statement- I believe that this show was made up of two phenomenal and respectable acts all on their own, yet I believe were a odd pair to combine to one event.

Let me put it like this… we turned up with the bay area vibe to turn down to a mellow- gangsta vibe. Some people in attendance didn’t “turn up” at all, as this is a phrase and concept coined by the new school. BTNH always attracts a much mature crowd, creating a atmosphere very different from that of E-40. Really looking into it, their is something a bit off key there. Nonetheless, people enjoyed themselves, to each their own, and the night was a complete success.

Much love and respect to all artists involved and to the fans for supporting another Out Da House event.

We hope y’all enjoyed yourselves just as much as we did…
‘Till next time we get OUT DA HOUSE!

Stace Fresh

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