OUT DA HOUSE: Happy Birthday 2pac

Tupac Amaru Shakur.
It’s an undeniable fact that if you ask just about anybody in the game, whether it be a writer/journalist, a rapper, producer, or a simple lover of rap/hip-hop, they’ll mention 2pac as a meaningful influence.

When you hear 2pac’s name a whole era comes to mind. You’re taken back to a time of high gangsta appraisal, a coast to coast beef, an appreciation for “ghetto poetry,” an understanding of struggle and will to overcome it, and a delicate consciousness within rap. There’s really only one phrase to take it back to: THUG LIFE.

2pac was the full-on definition of an artist. He excelled and touched lives beyond music. This isn’t a post up for debate of whether or not he was the greatest of all time. We’re not getting into hip hop politics today. More so, this post is about paying homage to one who is unarguably one of the greatest. Pac has our highest respect and admiration.

What some of us can say that we’ve grasped from growing up listening, reading, watching about Tupac is that he was a just like all the rest of us- in search of justice, love, self and of answers among countless of life’s wonders. He was someone who could reach just about anyone through his intellect alone, whether it be in the form of poetry, music, or interviews. Whether you are black, white, brown, yellow, whatever the you may be, Pac had (and still has) the ability to make you relate to his train of thought, his pain, struggle, his joy, his “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. He still has the ability to trigger some kind of emotion within you- even after death.

He was a man who sparked minds through his craft. That to us are qualities a true artist. It is something not many artists can accomplish with such impact on a wide-scale as he managed to do during his lifetime and after.

Today, Tupac would’ve been 45.

Today he will be remembered, appreciated, and we as lovers of this culture remain thankful for the life of Tupac Shakur.

So do us a favor, we know how y’all love when the DJ drops this at our Out Da House events- so bump this real loud one time for a timeless legend.

Happy birthday, rest in peace Tupac Shakur.

[piece written by Stace Fresh of Out Da House Productions]

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