No String Attached Brings An Orchestral Twist On Hip-Hop Classics At The Observatory


If you were lucky enough to have grabbed tickets to this show at the Observatory OC you would have understood the experience No Strings Attached brings to their performances. This performance proved to be a true testament to the G Funk sound and the bridge that ties cultural gaps together. The uniqueness of an orchestra and a seminal album like Dr. Dre’s2001″  make this an unprecedented summer event. The laid back atmosphere paired with the G Funk sound is a perfect Petri dish for hip hop heads and orchestra lovers a like to bond over one commonality.

The night started off with the OG sounds of inDJnous, a perfect pregame for the night. inDJnous worked the crowd with his diverse mix of hip-hop classics and old school bangers. There was a steady bounce to each song as he transition from one to the next with people holding up their drinks toward the DJ booth. The view behind the booth was mesmerizing as you could see cloud of smoke lingering above the crowd and see almost all of the faces in attendance. inDJnous was able to hype up the Observatory.

No Strings Attached hit the stage at around 10 and began their set with an epic piano solo and original. As you would expect there was a bit of confusion at first, but was met with an overwhelming amount of praise only seconds after the first chord.

As soon as the MC hit the stage the entire crowd lit up and began rapping along to each song. No Strings Attached played all of the classic off of “2001” including “Lets Get High“, “Xxxplosive” and “Still D.R.E.”.  There were two pivotal moments during the set; the first being their rendition of “Forgot About Dre”. They had a guest MC, a sound engineer from the Observatory, rap along with the orchestra. The other was their performance of “California Love” which instantly got the crowd

An intricate array and balance of hip-hop and orchestral arrangements kept the crowd entertained and wanting more. A perfect display of unity, respect and admiration of hip-hop all in one night.

– Sol Silva

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