Nipsey Hussle CRENSHAW tour

No stopping the hustle…

Only a few months ago Nipsey Hussle was the main topic of all rap talk. The L.A. native who has been no stranger to the game since his breakout mixtape single “Hussle In The House” back in 2009, startled the industry when he released a mixtape titled Crenshaw at $100 price, making $100,000 in less than 24 hours.

Since his early beginning in 2005, the name Hussle has been nothing other than fitting to the now 28 year old rapper who is currently benefiting the reaps of patience and non-stop work.

Out Da House Productions in conjunction with the Observatory OC brought Nipsey Hussle back to the Observatory this past Sunday night (since Dec. 2013) for another live performance, this time as part of the Crenshaw 2014 tour.

For a Sunday night, the venue held a decent myriad amount of fans eager to see Nipsey. The night began off, as we always do, with a showcase of a few of our local talents which included the sounds of Eric Martinez, BIGRyAT, GraFiK, Vital Mindz, BGM, Jayeb Ent, and JB Tha Pretty Boy.

Nipsey Hussle took the stage a little past 11pm with DJ Vip and 3 other members out of his posse. The crowd went crazy at the sight of the tall slender rapper who sported a classic modern west coast look with the slim 501 jeans, black and white classic Chucks, a white-tee, and a black beanie that read ‘Crenshaw’ along the middle.

Nipsey started off proper, performing “U See Us” off his latest mixtape, with a boastful chant: “Look at my life, Came up, nigga we came so far. You see us? You see us, nigga!” And we see it indeed.

Nip proceeded to perform other Crenshaw cuts like “Checc Me Out”, “4 In The Mornin”, “Change Nothing”, “Summertime in that Cutlass”, among others.

Young Nip also performed a few tracks off other mixtapes including “Rose Clique” and the well known “Hussle in The House”. The whole venue turned the f*** up when Nipsey performed his feature single with YG “B**** You Broke”.

“B**** you broke, shut up! Don’t talk to me, get your bread up! Yeah we used to f*** but I got fed up! We eat, all my n***** fed up!”

At this moment, the bottle of Moet that sat on the left side of the stage came in handy as it was shook up and erupted onto the crowd.

Nipsey Hussle definitely set it off, providing a great stage presence. Young Nip has come a long way and it continues to be a privilege seeing his growth in the rap game. I know all the fans in the building that night feel the same way.

The Marathon Continues.

-Stace Fresh



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