MIGOS Keeps Proving 2015 is Theirs for the Taking

Migos had the rap world sketchy about maintaining relevant success and perhaps being a mere one-hit wonder like the myriad of young rappers flooding the “viral” hip hop scene. Well, Monday night proved that the trio is eager to run things from coast to coast for a minute.

Now days, Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset seem to be doing more than trapping out the bando in ATL. In fact, they’ve been trapping all across the country and made a quick stop at the Observatory OC Monday night.

Okay, so here’s the deal, I’m that hip hop/rap enthusiast that isn’t quick to feed on the latest mainstream trend. The radio, clubs,magazines, and internet can be saturated with a new artist and I literally will sometimes not catch on until I have to cover a show on the artist or until I somehow get put on by a teenager, or randomly “stumble” upon it continuously. This was the case with Migos.

I’ve seen the headlines, and intros to the trio on The Source, XXL, VIBE, Blogs, you name it, but still that was not enough for me to pay attention- pardon me, I’m just a bit selective on my hip hop. The first time I ever even heard of Migos was when Drake made that “Versace” track, and my Migos knowledge stopped there. Fast-forward about a year later and I find myself covering a show for the site. It was time to brush up on a bit of game.

I walked into the venue a bit skeptic. The crowd this type of music attracts is not necessarily within my highest regards, nonetheless let me push that aside- the venue was packed and sold out- that’s a great thing.

The crowd felt right at home with DJ Cali in the mix. Can you say “Turn Up!”

Around 11pm the lights dimmed low as everyone chanted “Migos! Migos! Migos!” A special guest is announced and out steps OG Maco. “Bitch you guessed it!”- I knew exactly who that was. The crowd went nuts!

Migos took the stage shortly after, and the same reaction traveled all across the venue. They performed hit after hit, after mixtape hit, making me well aware of their presence in the rap game. “Bando”, “Fight Night”, “First 48”, “Hannah Montana”, “Freak No More”, and of course my favorite “Versace” were performed.

The place was lit! For the specific crowd the atmosphere was in tact. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the performance whether you were watching, twerking, or trying to start a mosh pit on the bottom floor. Yes, I did say mosh pit. I don’t know how you would mosh pit to Migos but it happened.

The posse in the balcony turned the building into a strip club (without the nudity y’all) as they randomly threw out dollar bills in the air for a few tracks. the venue itself let confetti fall out from above. It truly turned into a club party rather than a simple performance.

Migos earned brownie points with me when I caught that “RIP Nate Dogg” shout out on “Fight Night”.

All in all, in retrospect of that night it’s safe to say Migos made me a believer for the meantime. The people who know me personally, know I don’t discriminate when it comes to any type of hip hop. I dip and dab into both sides of the spectrum (“Real” or “Underground” vs. “Mainstream”).

The amount of people that attended the show that night, and the number of catchy hooks and tracks they have put in perspective perspective that they are definitely doing something right and planning to keep riding the wave of success. If I was the typical club-going gal, shit, I’d probably be dancing to all their songs and would have been able to recite along throughout the show.

Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset the success seems to be deserved. It was a hell of a show for all your fans!

 “Trapping OUT DA HOUSE with the boards on the windows” we love that!

Stace Fresh

Photo Cred: Rob.rob.s

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