KRS-One Brings Underground Hip-Hop to La Santa

KRS-One @ La Santa

KRS-One, a man who need little introduction, is easily regarded as one of the ultimate legends of hip hop. The innovative and hard hitting boom-bap flow with politically conscious lyricism hits you straight in the head. Out Da House had the privilege of hosting KRS-One at La Santa.

The One’s presence could be felt from wall to wall at La Santa. KRS-One warmed up the crowd with a seemingly endless and flow of freestyle picking off ideas straight from the crowd. KRS was able to flow perfectly from free style to song without skipping a beat. Fans picked up on the songs and began rapping along to songs including “Outta Here” and “Step Into a World (Rapture’s Delight). His DJ teased “Sound of da Police” which instantly lit up the crowd.

It goes with out saying, KRS-One is a living testament to the elements of hip-hop and his devotion to preserving their relevance today. Up on stage during certain songs of the set, b-boys danced over the pounding beats and relentless bars.

KRS-One’s timeless music is clearly reflected by his crowd turn out. People of all ages came out to see the One perform and experience his energy. I noticed some devoted people in the audience holding Boogie Down Production vinyl records; KRS-One’s hip hop group formed with the likes of D-Nice and Scott La Rock.

KRS-One finished his set with one giant free style that included all of the openers and some even our very own Droops. Everyone took turns flowing and freestyling on stage with one of the most legendary and influential rappers of the Nineties.

As KRS-One finished his set and gazed out into the crowd he looked genuinely astonished by the amount of love La Santa was showing him and was taken back by the amount of devoted fans that turned out that night. As he reached out to sign vinyl copies of his singles and Boogie Down Production records, the One dawned a contagious smile and showed love to everyone in the crowd.

– Sol Silva

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