KRS-One At The Observatory OC (Show Recap)


And We Did it Again!!

Yup! The Observatory in conjunction with Out Da House Productions joined forces to bring yet another classic Sold Out Hip Hop event with the Teacher himself, KRS-One! It all went down at The Observatory Orange County in Santa Ana, California.

The venue was filled with lots of diversity and positive energy! Dj Great Daine was on the 1s & 2s Hosted by Dj Droops with Supporting sets consisting of Thee Brown Plague, Hands One, Edifca aka Dj Kaboom, Emcee Classiq w/Dj Snoop, and Lyrically Twisted with a Full Band. The crowd gave a great response for every opening set as they blessed the stage!

After all the supporting acts blessed the stage KRS-One entered with a Freestyle Intro and the crowd went bonkers! Looking into the crowd one can so much diversity of Hip Hop fans in the crowd with Original Vinyl’s in the Air consisting of albums Criminal Minded, Return of The Boom Bap, By All Means Necessary, etc. The Teacher blessed the crowd with many classic tracks such as MCs Act Like They Don’t Know, Step Into My World, The Bridge is Over, and many more!
Two of the tracks that stood out were Sound of Da Police and The Invaders, which is one of his new tracks on his latest album Never Forget. KRS-One’s new track The Invaders has a strong message about how some of the United States at one time was Mexico. The song also elaborates on how can they say we crossing the borders when this is/was Mexican land. It seemed that most of the crowd had not heard the track but with every strong punch line the crowd would go nuts! The song has a very powerful message and I encourage all KRS-One fans as well as Mexican individuals to Google this tracks as it has a lot of truth behind it.
When the Sound of The Police song came on the crowd all put their first up and once the track started the Sold Out crowd began to jump and down like no other! A respectful mosh-pit broke out as well. There was just so much energy in the place to be that no words can explain!

The Teacher KRS-One did at least a hour set and ended off with couple freestyles as a treat. But before he can leave the stage he began to sign autographs and invited all B-Boys/Break Dancers to the stage. There was at least a crowd of 5 to 8 B-Boys who hit the stage with some of them consisting of the World Famous Rock Steady Crew. KRS-One allowed the B-Boy Session to go on for 10 to 15 minutes and then saluted the crowd to make his outro.

This was yet another successful Out Da House Productions and The Observatory collaboration for the books. Thanks to everyone involved and who came to witness another classic event at Santa Ana’s very own The Observatory Orange County.

Much Luv & Respect,
Carlos Droops CEO of Out Da House Productions