Immortal Technique at The Observatory OC

Viva La Revolucion!

Felipe Andres Coronel, better known as the revolutionary-turned-hip hop emcee Immortal Technique, brought the revolution to Orange County.

The Observatory OC held a packed house early on into the night, as was to be expected. From the basic underground head, to the overly enthusiastic activist and socially aware hip hop aficionado was in attendance for a scarce Immortal Technique SoCal appearance.

The night began with DJ Static holding down the wheels of steel in the most proper way. Raw hip hop was in full effect as DJ Static showcased the essence of a true hip hop deejay. Scratching, with dope beats and breaks, he ignited the respect and love from the crowd.

Poison Pen,CF, and Chino XL were in attendance to prepare the crowd for what was to come. Poison Pen and CF excited the crowd with bilingual revolutionary infused lines and outbursts. Taking a look around the room, about 90% of the venue was filled with Latinos, who boasted with an uproar of pride.

Vet to the game, Chino XL also

took the stage, right before Immortal Tech, and he had the crowd going as he dropped his signature self-conscious and egotistical punchlines on the mic. At mid performance he had a special surprise; out walked Sick Jacken(of The Psycho Realm) from the right side of the stage yelling and reciting the track “Latinos stand up”, he also joined Chino for a “Arm Yourself” performance. Needless to say the crowd lost their minds.

Immortal technique took the stage earlier than do most rap acts at a usual night at the Observatory. At about 10:30pm the anticipation of the night came to an end as the man himself, Felipe Andres Coronel, was announced on stage by Chino XL.

The amount of energy elevated to an overwhelming volume. Immortal Technique walked from side-to-side of the stage to greet the people, who boasted with a tremendous uproar of respect and honor of his presence. For a moment, he composed himself in silence with chest out, head held up high, and hands in the air like a champ, in the most prideful yet humble manner possible.

When he was ready to give the people what they awaited, he began off by saying in his aggressively coarse voice, “Turn this shit the f*** up, first of all!”, as if it wasn’t evident that the excitement from the crowd was at an all time high.

The hip hop revolutionist performed a series of his best work, ranging from albums Revolutionary Vol.1 & 2, and The 3rd World. Tracks like “Obnoxious”, “Peruvian cocaine”, “Dance with the Devil”, “Reverse Pimpology”, “Payback”, “Internally Bleeding”, and “Freedom Of Speech” were all performed. Immortal Tech gave the people over an hour worth of performed material.

However, it was not the played tracks that made this performance a phenomenal one; It was the empowerment given to those in attendance.

Immortal Techniques lyrics stand for the people, the minorities, the justice and truth seekers. His music attracts listeners and activists of all backgrounds who stand against oppression. Throughout the night he encouraged for those in attendance to be more aware and active. He brought up social and political issues and encouraged the people to educate themselves on subjects that affect us directly and the world that we are part of. He evoked empathy to those in attendance.

There was a point in which the Peruvian emcee turned to the majority who were present that night, the Hispanics and Latinos. From a personal point of view, I think this was the most powerful moment of the night, and I’m sure most of the crowd that could relate will agree.

He gave a mini boastful speech of the importance and stance of our people in this country. To sum it up in simple words, he dropped knowledge and reminded us that we have come from years of oppression, dating back to colonial times, and that its our duty to change that. That our people, our parents, our ancestors came to this country seeking better circumstances of living, seeking greater opportunity for themselves, for us, for generations to come, something that we are still far from as a whole. His words encouraged a sense of strength and awareness that we have to be united as Latinos and Hispanics, as people of color, as a minority, and ultimately as humanity who seeks equality and justice in general. He reminded us that the power rests within us to keep paving the way for our people. Personally, Immortal Technique had me at a loss of words. It was an indescribable feeling that filled me with the expression of those words. And I’m sure this is why most of his core fans give this man the amount of honorary respect that they do.

Immortal Technique at the Observatory, will undoubtedly be one of our most impactful shows of 2014.

Knowledge + Hip Hop, is a powerful weapon.

Stace Fresh