Future Serves the Base at the Observatory OC

Future fans made a high demand and the Observatory OC supplied, back-to-back.

When word broke out that Atlanta rapper Future would be performing at the Observatory OC August 11th, fans were quick to jump online and grasp all tickets in a matter of minutes. It seemed as though many devoted fans were left out and upset, so the venue issued a second date taking place the night prior to the initial show scheduled for a Tuesday. This resulted in generating two consecutive sold out events.

Monday night began off strong as soon as DJ Esco took the stage. Esco, Future’s official DJ, warmed up the crowd with some hot bangers right before the man of the hour stepped onto the stage.

“Y’all ready for Future?!”, Esco yelled into the mic, the crowd screamed in excitement and Future obliged to walk out towards the crowd. Everyone’s phones went up in the air to capture the moment.

Future performed his latest album DS2. Everyone in the building knew each and every single track as they repeated line for line. “F*** Up Some Commas”, the lead single off the album, caused complete chaos. “Trap N****s” had the same effect. As a matter of fact, there was not a single moment in which the crowd wasn’t overly ecstatic.

Night two was something else!

All the ladies seem to have thrown on their best, and the fellas didn’t come up short either; there was a lot of trend setting and fly outfits. As for the show, the beginning of the night initiated as the night before. DJ Esco came out, did his thing, and announced for Future to step on out. The only difference was that the screams doubled the record level previously set the night before.

Although both shows were sold out, something tells me there was far more people in attendance Tuesday night. Looking around there was absolutely no room left to navigate through the venue. The corridors, pit, balcony, bar, and even the vip tables were jammed. The night prior, although packed as well, was not like this at all.

Everyone was dancing, rapping along, jumping, head bobbing, just simply feeling greater than life. The energy in the room was surreal. “F*** Up Some Commas“ and “Trap N****s” dropped and everyone went crazy once again. A fan favorite was “Thought It Was A Drought”, we all chanted “I just f***** your b**** in some Gucci flip-flops… b**** I’ma choose the dirty over you!” People stood on the booths and chairs in vip areas holding bottles of champagne in mid-air. What was a show turned into a rap video for a minute. Night two went down in a major way!

Sean Kingston and Lil’ Durk were in the building. Occupying the vip table neighboring ours was former Laker NBA player Trevor Ariza and his posse. The place was just what you call- lit!

Future not only performed tracks off DS2 but he also did a few tracks in which he was featured on early in his career which brought him to fame. Fans were really excited to hear “U.O.E.N.O.”. Future closed out the night thanking everyone for the support and for making DS2 the number one album at the point of its release.

There’s only one thing I took from the experience at these shows, the Future looks very promising.





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