DJ Quik and Friends Take the West Coast Party To La Santa

An Out Da House show is as much of a party as it is a concert. A unique experience of fan engagement, dope music, and community under hip-hop. The DJ Quick show at La Santa was no different; an ecstatic line up of local acts all performing to a crowd of hip-hop aficionados.

This concert had all the makings of an OG West Coast party; dancing, drinking, blunt passing, and above all else West Coast tunes. The night kicked off with a performance by Juice County’s very own AWS Records. These relatively young players in the game don’t shy away from their So Cal roots. This group of lyricists exemplified Orange County with their relentless yet laid back flow; a truly refreshing and unique twist on G-Funk.

VPINTHEBUILDING followed up with an amazing and energetic set. By then the crowd had begun to set in and was in full force. La Santa was packed to the brim with people smoking up and lining up for the bar. VP’s energy could be felt through out the entire floor as people began dancing along the entire set.

By this point of the set I had to take a step out from all of the smoke that clouded up the venue. After a very brief intermission I made my way back downstairs, refilled my cup and joined the crowd in welcoming DJ Quik to the stage. Quik came out with all his friends and a bottle of champagne in his hands. He performed all the OG classics including Suga Free’s “Why You Bulshittin'” and “Tonite”. His entourage filled up the stage smoking and drinking with the crowd the entire set. Quik teased “Dollaz n Sense”, a staple hip-hop track, but quickly dismissed it as Quik and MC Eiht had squashed their beef years ago. The entire set like a party hosted by DJ Quik and his posse, a legend in his own right leading the crowd down a good time.

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