DEAD PREZ at Constellation Room

“It’s bigger than Hip Hop”

Last night, at the Observatory OC, the Constellation Room was home to one of the most lyrical-revolutionary acts in hip hop, Dead Prez!

Dead Prez, a duo which consists of emcees and M-1, should need no introduction to the authentic loyal hip hop listener, but for those that may be oblivious, allow me to give a brief summary.

Aside from being the emcees who brought the single “It’s Bigger than Hip Hop” (one of the most prominent anthems to defend what is considered “real” hip hop authenticity in a mainstream industry) , Dead Prez carries an extensive catalog under their belt. Since emerging into the scene in 2000, the duo has managed to release two more studio albums and a mixtape series “Turn off the Radio”, allowing them to stay relevant to core fans up to present date. It was a “no-brainer” that this hip hop duo would attract a special kind of crowd.

As usual the night began with a talented roster of opening supporters which included performances by Aliso Black, The Analytiks, Anu322, Hands One, Supreme Cerebral, and special guest Realizm Rekord’s vet Krazy Race who gave an outstanding lyrical performance, along with Illicite Dialects that left the crowd asking for more.

DJ Great Daine & DJ Cali held down the 1’s and 2’s throughout the night, giving the crowd hip hop classics which varied from grimy Wu-Tang Clan classics, to glorified Biggie and Pac party bangers, and if that wasn’t already a good time all on its own, some Rick James was thrown in the mix as well. The audience was kept satisfied all the way through show time.

Dead Prez and their deejay, Mikeflo, took to the stage roughly around 11:30pm. They performed cuts off albums “Let’s Get Free”, “Revolutionary but Gangsta”, and the latest installment, “Information Age”. Songs like “Politrikkks”, “Hell Yeah (Pimp the System), “Propaganda”, “Fuck The Law” brought the best out the crowd. Now, when I mentioned that the duo attracted a special kind of crowd, it was evident that many of the attendants were revolutionary mind stated, social and political aware individuals. Fists sprang up in the air, the phrase “Power to the people” and “Fuck the System” were continually blurted out. It was definitely something “bigger than hip hop” which moved the crowd.

Aside from the revolutionary- politically driven tracks, Dead Prez pleased the crowd with singles like “Mind Sex”, an acapella poetic version of “Intelligence Is Sexy” and of course, the most anticipated performance of the night “It’s Bigger than Hip Hop”, for which the whole room ignited for. As soon as M-1 shouted into the mic “Santa Ana if you love real motherfuckin’ hip hop make some noise!” We knew what was coming. “Fake, Fake, Records, Records…” was everyone’s cue, immediately everybody jumped with hands up in the air. The love for hip hop flooded the building at that point. Dead Prez really set it off!

Although often overlooked and underrated, Dead Prez can undoubtedly be awarded the leading voice and influence of hip hop’s revolutionary and socially aware percentage in hip hop, most importantly those who choose the independent route due to the ethical stand in control of mass media within the genre.

Their lyricism and performance went beyond just giving the listener something to vibe to; it is an effort to teach and instill a sense of culture, awareness, empowerment, knowledge, and understanding from a revolutionary and spiritual stance. It truly was an honor and privilege on behalf of Out Da House Productions to be able to cater to the fans with a hip hop act such as Dead Prez.

Until next time we get OUT DA HOUSE!

-Stace Fresh