A Tale of Two Cities: Hitting LA & SA with RJMrLA and Apathy & Celph Titled

RJMrLA & Apathy & Celph Titled

In one night, Out Da House was able to pack out two very different venues, with two polar opposite acts, in two cities that seem a world apart. Out Da House was double booked with RJ’s record release for his album On God at the Novo in Downtown LA and a performance by rap royalties Apathy & Celph Titled at La Santa in Downtown Santa Ana.

I drove down the 405 on another California summer night not knowing how the night would play out but eager to see how it would. Covering two polar opposite shows in different markets, I had to expect the unexpected. I lapped around Pico Boulevard a few times as anyone looking for parking in LA would before making my way over to the Novo. As I was crossing Figueroa Street I noticed a Mercedes Benz S Class driving down the road with the top down. I was able to make out blonde dreads but couldn’t detail who the passenger in the car was, I began thinking who I saw looked strangely familiar. Being in LA the idea of a rapper zooming downtown didn’t seem too much of a stretch.

I took my seat up in the terrace level of the Novo prior to the beginning of the set with RJ fan filling each seat. Blunts passed back and forth, burning embers floating around in the dark of the venue. As the DJ began to introduce RJ the crowd got hyped.

A huge plume of smoke lingered over the crowd and cellphone flashes lit up the stage. RJ came out dressed to the nines in a black, mink Balenciaga coat. RJ began his set with the title track off his debut album On God. The entire crowd was holding drinks in one hand and their smoke in the other. The even mix of men to women and the vibe set by RJ had the audience dancing all night.











Mr LA couldn’t perform in his hometown and not have a surprise for his fans. He brought out Young Thug to perform Time. When Thugger hit the stage with RJ, realized that he was the person I saw driving down Figueroa! Only in LA.

Young Thug w RJ @ the Novo











Once RJ’s set wrapped up, I hauled it over to La Santa in Santa Ana to make sure I could at least catch Apathy & Celph Titled’s late show. As I weaved in and out of traffic down the 405 I was digesting the performance I just witnessed all while preparing myself to catch another show.

As I pulled up to La Santa I could clearly see the difference in attendees and the dichotomy of both crowds in both cities; one lavish and extravagant performance and gritty, underground concert tightly packed up to the stage.

Apathy & Celph Titled











The hard hitting flows from this rap duo came at you like a barrage of bullets; on after the other Apathy & Celph Titled took control of the mic and left the crowd in a daze after each bar. Heads bobbed and arms waved to each beat as the crowd reciprocated the energy that Apathy & Celph Titled gave off. The late show ran into the early hours of the morning keeping the crowd entertained till almost 2 AM.

Two shows in one night is a great feat for a small promotion and being able to pack out both shows proves that Out Da House knows their audience. A proven track record of the illest shows with tp performers keeps audiences hungry and wanting to come back and experience hip-hop in an engaging and energetic way.

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